can you run dragon naturally speaking under wine

I'm particularly trying to run these under ubuntu.  I have troubles even on the install because my install buttons lost their text.  THEN I don't know which or how to run the files that did get installed.  I don't know dragon or wine.
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One of the test reviews from WineHQ:

" Selected Test Results (selected in 'Test Results' table below)

What works
- setup runs flawlessly (also no problems with vcruntime)
- windows notepad and DragonPad can be used for dictation

What does not

- a waring message pops up every time DNS is started (something about a periodic check that failed to be scheduled). it dissappears with a simple click on "close" and causes no real problems at all.

 - the dragon-bar looks a bit screwed up with wrong white-gray colours, but every item is visable and "clickable"

- I guess as I continue to use the program I'll strumble across several little bugs not found yet

What was not tested

- analyzing a previously recorded dictation

- please feel free to test the application thorough yourself and provide your own feedback! :)

Additional Comments

All in all I have to say that I'm really pleased with seeing the application's core-functions almost running flawlessly and I don't mind the lag of some of the extended features. From my point of view the program does what I need it to do and it makes my working way more efficient.

dwcroninAuthor Commented:
I reformatted my drive and put xp on it.  It works flawlessly there.  I've gone back to ubuntu and I'm going to try wine later today.  Dragon is expensive and so I wanted to use xp to see it work.  I'm thankfully back to linux.and about to try wine.  I just wanted to see dragon work.
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