how to shrink a TLOG in SQL server 2005 when it shows negative free space?

My TLOG is taking up all 200 GB of the TLOG drive. I did a full backup, then 5 tlog backups, then WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY, and still I am not able to shrink this log. I tried sp_spaceused with @updateusage = TRUE, and I still show -200000 MB for the free space in the log.

I am backing up the TLOG every 15 minutes, however I only have 7MB of free space left. No transactional replication, no mirroring, just a standard 2005 cluster.

Please help....
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sqlagent007Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorry guys...I found out that there was a snapshot publication, once I removed that I was able to shrink my log down to 10GB.
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