Cisco 4506-E - IOS Feature Sets

I've learned over time how to navigate to find answers for MOST anything on Cisco's site, but still find it a challenge to identify specific available features in different IOS flavors.  

I'm trying to determine, VERY specifically, the differences between the LAN Base and IP Base feature sets for the Catalyst 4500 switch family. They charge $10K (list) more for the IP Base, which is why it's an important issue.

Oh, and once answered - I'd love directions/links to how to find this info in the future.

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Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
What you're looking for is the image comparison portion of the Cisco Feature Navigator:

Once you're there, select "Compare Images" on the right hand side of the screen.  Once you get to the image comparison screen, just select the images you want to compare on each side of the screen.  For the 4500-E, the software selection will be IOS and the major release will be 12.2SG.  Select the specific release number and platform (supervisor module installed) and the feature sets you want to compare and you should be good to go.
cardsfan73Author Commented:
Thanks for the response, Jody!  This is definitely helpful, but if I could push for just a bit more help...   This comparison feature will certainly be of use,  but I still can't seem to drill down and find exactly what I'm asking for, which quite possibly be much broader.

I don't really care about the specific IOS versions (which I don't have access to - this is a pre-sales type of question) - I'm simply interested in the differences between two different IOS families on the 4500 - in this case, LAN Base vs. IP Base.  For example - the 3750 switch comes in two families - IP Base and IP Services, the former providing basic (RIP, static) routing, while the Enhanced offers OSPF, full EIGRP, BGP, etc.  It doesn't matter what specific IOS version you're on - the major protocol/feature set is based on the family.

So apologies, but can I get an outline of what the 4500 LAN Base vs IP Base feature sets contain, and how they differ?   If there is indeed a way to determine this w/ the link you provided (or a different one), then please educate me as to how.

Thanks again!
Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
You're absolutely correct that the features are based on the feature set and not the specific version.  The feature navigator just likes to have specific versions to compare.  As long as you pick the same version on both sides of the comparison page, but provide the feature set information the feature navigator will give you the differences between the feature sets.  The version that you select isn't really relevant to the question in this case, just required by the query.
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cardsfan73Author Commented:
ok, we're getting closer - forgive me for still pushing.   Could you get on this, and do a trial run w/ me to get specifics?

I went through it, picked a random IOS rev, but when I drop-down the platform, there is no option for a Catalyst 4500, specially (the closest is a Cat4500-AGM, which doesn't have IOS families called LAN Base, IP Base, etc.).  There's also no option to select Catalyst 3750's, etc., so I'll still stuck.  If I don't even select a platform, and just do a drop-down on the Feature Sets/License option, there's nothing called "LAN Base", just "Base PSDN" options, which is not what I'm looking for.

Give it a run if you can - specifically, I need a comparison between "LAN Base" and "IP Base" on the Catalyst 4500.  REAL apologies if it's there and I'm just not "getting it."

Thanks - I want to award points and close this, but still can't seem to find the options I need.
Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
Here's the strategy I took...

Go to the image comparison, select IOS, major release 12.2SG (which is the IOS for the Catalyst 4500) and then select the latest version (12.2(53)SG2) under the release number.  This will give you all of the L3-capable supervisors for the Catalyst 4500, the Catalyst 4500E and the Catalyst 4900 Series (fixed-configuration switches based on the Catalyst 4500) to choose from.  For the Catalyst 4500E, I chose the CAT4500E-SUP6E platform.

For future reference, if you need to get the specific IOS major release for any Catalyst, you can do this from the feature navigator too.  Just go to "Search by Software" and select your switch platform.  When you get to the next page, the only major IOS release in the drop-down will be the specific IOS major release for the platform.
cardsfan73Author Commented:
Ok, that helped - i was able to find the LAN Base and IP Base selections after picking that particular IOS.  My LAST question: how did you determine that the 12.2SG was the right IOS for the Catalyst 4500 platform?  This is at the pre-sales stage, so it's not like I have the ability to do a "show ver" or anything to get this kind of information.

Can you point to a reference link for how to find the appropriate IOS that a particular model/supervisor would be using, so that I can determine what to select when using this tool in the future?

Thank you!  
Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
That's covered in the last paragraph of my previous post.  If you do a "Search by Software" in the Feature Navigator and select your platform/supervisor, the major release drop-down will give you the valid IOS major release(s) for the platform.  Admittedly, it's not as intuitive a system as would be desirable, but it does the trick.

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cardsfan73Author Commented:
Excellent - thank you very much!
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