Excel 2007 sharing violation saving *.xlsm to trusted network location but no errors saving locally

After opening but not necessarily even modifying a macro-enabled *.xlsm file from a trusted network location, I cannot save the *.xlsm file back to the trusted network location because of a sharing violation error, which then prompts me to save it as a repaired temporary file.  However, if I first save the *.xlsm file to my local drive, I can then immediately save the same, unmodified *.xlsm file to the trusted network location without a sharing violation error.  This workaround is fine but surely I can fix something to avoid the extra step.  Suggestions?  Thanks in advance.
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Seems to be a problem with Trend Micro and quite possibly Windows Search indexing
vforgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for researching better than me and posting!  We're running Microsoft Essentials not Trend Micro, but I will try to disable Windows Search indexing next and report back what I find.  
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