Website and Email on separate servers - DNS Settings

I'm currently working on moving our website to another server but I need to test it out ahead of time to make sure it's working properly to ensure a smooth transition. I have both servers setup but I need to know how to change the registrar dns settings to work with 1 server for the website and 1 server for the email.
Website will be 70.40.x.x
Email Server will be 216.144.x.x (this is the existing server)
Both are out on the net (not internal). I've logged into our registrar, dotster, and have checked the dns settings but can't seem to get a clear answer on how to do this.
Currently from what I've read, I need to change dns at my registrar (from the old servers to the new servers dns(
Then add an MX record to point to the old server (216.144.x.x) under the pop server name
Is this correct? is that it? I need to make sure after changing dns to the new host that our company doesn't lose any emails so I want the website to change before the email....from the looks of it, I need to change both at the same time? new dns servers then add an mx record?
Here's also a link to our registrars dns management interface:
What from that section needs to be configured? Some people tell me just mx, others say cname, others have told me mx and A.

Thanks in advance!

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Your question seems confusing to me but that might be because it's Friday...

I would add any DNS records you need to have to your new host prior to changing the authoritative NS as you stated

(from the old servers to the new servers dns(

that way it will ensure no emails will be lost and all the DNS records you would need to add are an

IN A 70.40.x.x (so that anyone can get to the site without www if needed)

www IN A 70.40.x.x
mail IN A 216.144.x.x

This is all you would need unless you have other records with your previous host such as ftp, test, etc

Hope this helps answer your question :)
Sorry also make sure your changes are reflected on the current hosts (oldhost)

Hope I'm making sense, I need some sleep :P
bbrunningAuthor Commented:
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bbrunningAuthor Commented:
I need sleep too, I hear ya man.
That's it mate, don't need anything else unless like I said above you had ftp, test, etc as well.

Also always nice to put in an A record without a subdomain so if someone tries to go to your site without the www it will still get there...personal preference of course :)
bbrunningAuthor Commented:
I tried that before this is what happened:
It won't let me just add an a record without a subdomain without getting this error.
bbrunningAuthor Commented:
actually I just realized for some reason there was a url forwarding option enabled at dotster. I deleted it and went back to the dns management section and the error was gone. Looks like it's gonna work. I'll post tomorrow.

Get some sleep! heh
Good luck :)
bbrunningAuthor Commented:
No, the settings I posted do not work. They have dns servers set to the new host, but the changes I made point everything to the old server. Not just the mail server.
This is slightly confusing sorry mate,

You need to ensure which ever is the authoritative name servers has the correct entries in it. To determine the authoritative name servers you must perform a whois on the domain. This will list the NS that need to have the correct changes in place. Making changes on NSs that are not authoritative will not fix any resolution issues you may be experiencing.

I hope this helps and makes sense :)

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bbrunningAuthor Commented:

I'll look into that and AI understand what you mean more now. I've since eliminated the need to have them in seperate locations.
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