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Hello guys,

i have a file upload control which is used to upload excel files. i want to display the content of excel file in grid view. i dont want to save the file on disk and then read the content form the disk to display in gridview. i want some mechanism to keep the excel file in the memory and display its contents in gridview with out saving it on disk.
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Dhanasekaran SengodanCommented:
try this code,

OleDbConnection DBConnection = new OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" + "Data Source=" + Server.MapPath("~/App_Data/PacerResults.xls") + ";" + "Extended Properties=\"Excel 8.0;HDR=Yes\"");
     string SQLString = "SELECT * FROM [PacerResults$]";
    OleDbCommand DBCommand = new OleDbCommand(SQLString, DBConnection);
    Data.IDataReader DBReader = DBCommand.ExecuteReader();
    gv.DataSource = DBReader;
Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerCommented:
Hope this link will help

After upload excel file, to display excel data in gridview, modify the connecting string with the upload folder/file name.

Have a try
psdeepu545Author Commented:
Its the only way to do it
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