How many users can connect to a machine through Remote Desktop


I am using administrator account to connect a remote server through Remote Desktop. When I login using a second PC, the first session is ended by system. Can I use same account on multiple PCs to connect to a server at the same time? How can I control number of users can connect to a server simultaneously?
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Scott AndersonPrincipal Support EngineerCommented:
You can tweek this behavior to allow the same Administrator account to use both Remote Administration Connections on the server.

Go to Start:AdministratorTools:RemoteDesktopServices   and select RD Session Host Configuration
Under General Settings, select "Restrict each user to a single session"
In the pop-up configuration window, uncheck "Restrict each user to a single session"

It's possible that it is not configurable (setting will be ignored) because it is in Remote Administration mode, but that's where is it normally changed.

if i am not mistaken you can't do what you are asking with Remote Desktop connection. with remote desktop connection you can't even use the computer locally while you are using it remotely.

For remote desktop i use teamviewer, which can be downloaded from but i am not sure that this do what you are asking to, but may be you can give it a try.
I think 2008 also allows as 2003 only 2 RDP Sessions from authorised Users. A third one can be open by using the console parameter msdtc /console. If you want more, you need the server role terminal services and licenses...
And as microbert wrote, one user can't have more then one opened session.
bigapple9Author Commented:
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