Regular expression for field in the format of NNNN-NNN-NNNN

I have an web form with an input field where people will enter the data in the format

Where N represents a number. And each set of numbers is seperated by a hyphen. Also two consecutive hyphens are not allowed. Also I need to prevent the applicaiton user from starting the number sequence with a hyphen or ending with a hyphen. So this is not allowed:

Basically the rule is a first set of numbers followed by a hyphen, followed by another set of numbers, a hyphen and followed by third set of numbers. The total number of digits entered cannot exceed 20.

Can someone help me figure this out?  I initially created this regular expression which I used to allow people to enter up to 20 numbers. The requirements have changed now so that I have to use hypens for input according to what I described earlier. This is what I initially had:

This is a difficult problem I have not been able to figure out. I will offer 400 points for some expert help.
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"I have an web form with an input field where  people will enter the data in the format

Hi! You may try this one. Hope it helps.

(D-)?\d{5}(-| )\d{3}(-| )\d{5}

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Sorry, didn't see TOTAL digits count should be less than 20.
1) ^\d+-\d+-\d+$
2) And set MaxLength for TextBox equal to 18
That's it
Oops misprint, MaxLength should be 22 (20 digits + 2 hypens)
^(?=.{1,22}$)\d+-\d+-\d+$ then--I didn't notice I needed to account for the hyphens.

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