Issue with VB.Net app using dual monitors in Citrix.

I have created a fairly simple VB.Net app and have been testing to make sure that when dual monitors are present the application loads on the NON - primary monitor.  The code works great in all tested local situations.  However, when I put the app out in Citrix and access the application it loads on the primary monitor and it actually only sees there being one monitor...not two.

I am using the Screen.Allscreens to get the array of connected devices, but Citrix only shows one, while local shows two.  Should I be testing for it another way or is there something that might be able to be enabled within Citrix that would allow the functionality I need?

I have added code to check and see that the app is running in Citrix and then to check about dual screens which right now I consider anything with a resolution above 1600 width.  What I have tried is in the location_changed event of the form, I check to see if the user is maximizing the form  if they are and it is in citrix and dual screen, then I use the code below.  The form still spreads across both screens.  This could just be a Citrix thing or I have the code below incorrect or incorrectly placed.  Any and all help is appreciated.  If it is a Citrix thing then I can save my self the trouble of overriding WndProc and the maximize event...

This is something that is very irritating for our dual screen users...

Dim resWidth As Integer = Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds.Width
        Dim myX As Integer = CInt(resWidth / 2)

        Me.Location = New Drawing.Point(myX, 0)

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Check out this article from Citrix and let me know if it helps:

Also make sure your users are utilizing the latest version of the ICA client.

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rgn2121Author Commented:
Thanks...I read through the link and it is spot on with what I am experiencing.  I don't manage the servers so I will have to talk to that group about what is mentioned above. I will leave this open until the beginning of next week to see what type of resonse I get.
Is there anypoint in me coding in the API functionality.  Will the Citrix settings override me?
rgn2121Author Commented:
Looks like we are using 10.1 for our ICA Client...I am having the server guys check it out and will let you know.  I tried coding some API stuff in and it didn't help.
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Let me know how it goes.
rgn2121Author Commented:
Still waiting...if I don't get anything back by the end of the week I will accept and close this and then add the information when I get it.  Sorry...
Any luck?
rgn2121Author Commented:
Server support is looking into the issue...thanks
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