I have blackberry professional, it stop pushing the email to blackberry

I have blackberry professional,suddenly  it stop pushing the email to blackberry devices, it is giving 3 errors every period of time:
event id :20460     srp connection failed
event id :20000    srp connection failed
event id :20000   SRPClient::Connect: Error calling host "localhost" [] (0)
I have pix515e and I open all the port from blackberry---->internet
please advise
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i_harfoushConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Rim disable our account thats it
Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Does all the services of blackberry are up?

Also check the Exchange Information Services is running.

Also refer this:

Hope this helps,

i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
all the services is running, and the mail box is oka Mr shree, any solution
i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
Mr shreed,
it is the blackberry dispatcher who is giving the error ID, srp connection failed,
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