VB6 and Flexgrid

The search on flexgrid, code which i am using is given below..
issue is its throwing an error while the search didnt return any answer.. my flexgrid required one fixed row which carries the details about the fields..

  Dim target_name As String
  target_name = InputBox("Enter The Keyword you wish to Search", "Search")
  If Len(target_name) = 0 Then Exit Sub
  target_name = LCase$(target_name)

Dim r As Integer
Dim c As Integer
Dim boo As Boolean

  For r = FlexGrid.Rows - 1 To 1 Step -1
    boo = False
         For c = 1 To FlexGrid.Cols - 1
             If InStr(1, FlexGrid.TextMatrix(r, c), target_name, vbTextCompare) Then

         boo = True
         Exit For
       End If
       Next c
     If boo = False Then FlexGrid.RemoveItem (r)

  Next r
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For one thing, if you're gonna LCASE$ the target_name, you need to LCASE$ the contents of the FlexGrid too. Change your Instr line to:
If Instr(LCase$(FlexGrid.TextMatrix(r, c)), target_name, vbTextCompare) Then
For another, as you can in my example line, you don't need the first parameter (the "1") in the InStr statement, as starting the search from the first character is the default.
Lastly, the statement:
For r = FlexGrid.Rows - 1 To 1 Step -1
can get flaky sometimes when you're deleting rows and each iteration of the loop must recalculate. Better to use:
   r = FlexGrid.Rows -1
   If r >= 1 Then
      'do your code here, using Exit Do rather than Exit Loop upon success
   End If
Oops, I meant:
'do your code here, using Exit Do rather than Exit For upon success
Sheesh, I keep forgetting stuff, sorry. Column numbers start at 0, so unless you KNOW you'll never find a match in the first column, change:
For c = 1 To FlexGrid.Cols - 1
For c = 0 To FlexGrid.Cols - 1

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IntelopsAuthor Commented:
Can you explain bit more please
What do you need further explanation on?
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