How to Real Monitor Internet traffic in Cisco 877 Router

I like to Monitor Real Time  my 877 Router Internet Traffic, witch user what is doing ? from 877 router it self using by firewall ? any one can help me ?

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Do you mean internet traffic like http/s? Then you should implement a transparent proxy like this:

But if you want even more u should look at the cisco documentation for "ip flow-export". This feature logs all traffic information to a ip flow compatible server for analyzing.

The easiest netflow server would be ntop ( but it has much overhead. If you need a special set of filters you should look into the linux flow utils. But be warned, it needs some time to understand and implement it.
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

there are two way...

mirroring the port which connected to switch, or use netflow collector...
taherudinAuthor Commented:
I have found from cisco
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