Recommended free space on server

Hi all
I have a windows server 2003
I have RAID 5 set up
I have 3 drives C:\ E:\ and M:\
C:\ is the system drive (all program files system files and so on)
E:\ is Data drive
M:\ is a virtual drive for exchange on  E:\

My question is, What is the  % of free space  needed on all drives to keep this server running properly

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I recomemd that you do not exceed 85% of used space as most maintenace operations such as defrag requires at least 15% free space to work.
I would ideally have 50% free space on System Drive (C) but i would use up to 80% of space on data drives. This usually seems to ensure server runs ok. Dont let free space drop below 10% as fragmentation can occur.
Unless the free space is around 10% or less, then you won't see much of a performance hit.  As they say, your mileage may vary.  Frankly, worrying about whether you have 50%, 40% .. 10% free space is way,way down on the list of optimization techniques.  Have you done things like manually make some registry changes to optimize queue depth settings for your disk driver?  What did you do about tweaking journaling settings;  did you use diskpart to align the partition; what are file system parameters and block/chunk sizes of the RAID and file system ... ,etc.

If you have not done these things first, then spend your time doing so. Plenty of info in expertsexchange on tweaking those.  They will make a much bigger impact than free space.
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