Running C++ program on Android OS


Is someone experienced in compiling native C or C++ to run under Android OS?

Is this a straightforward task or are there many problems to be expected.

The program currently is a windows dll. Is a dll approach also possible under Android?

Thanks for your help
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as far as I understand it (but never tried, I admit) - you can use your C code from Java under Android (have a look at the link in my prev post for more details as it contains links to the relevant stuff).

so you could create small wrapper around your C-app and call existing code from that wrapper
I can't say I'm experienced to run C++ under Android, but from what I read and heard (like it is by far not straightforward.

Android is totally different from Windows, so I guess it would be much easier to rewrite your app completely
have to write it in java :/
PjotterRAuthor Commented:
Java is not an option I'm afraid. The large program is totally written in C ansi.

Is you conclusion that it is not possible to run C applications under Android?
PjotterRAuthor Commented:
yes I have seen the link and it looks ok to me. You can call a C library from JAVA using the JNI.
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