SharePoint 2010 Beta, unsecured content in blank SSL secured site?!

We've installed SharePoint 2010 Beta 2, and created a SSL site and attached a certificate to it. I created a blank site collection. Each time I navigate to any page in this site collection, I get a dialogue asking whether I want to "view only the webpage content that was delivered securely".

What is causing this?
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this is not an error this is a type of security with IE 7.0 or IE 8.0

To Disable this warning and keep everytghing works fine follow my steps

•Launch Internet Explorer.
•Click on Tools -> Internet Options.
•Go to Security tab.
•Select Internet zone (default selection).
•Click on Custom level… button under “Security level for this zone” section.
•Under “Miscellaneous” branch, for Display mixed content parameter, select the radio button of Enabled.

Tip: Select “Disabled” to always stop loading on unsecured components in secure web page.

•Click OK when done, and click Yes when prompted are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone.
See the attached image
If my answer is correct please set my answer as the coorect one.
SynocusAuthor Commented:
Yes I understand it is not an error in such but a warning. We cannot however assume that every user will enable the display of mixed content.

Please note, the SharePoint site is created as a a blank site. Out of the box it shouldn't have anything that would be referenced to outside the SSL-certified site itself. However as that warning keeps popping up, it must have some hard-coded thing that searches for content outside the SSL-certified site. Do you know what is causing this warning in the blank site template in SharePoint 2010 Beta?
SynocusAuthor Commented:
We ended up upgrading into RTM. I still have to see whether the same problem appears in RTM.
SynocusAuthor Commented:
Didn't really answer the question. I ended up installing RTM version of SharePoint 2010, and the problem disappeared.
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