how to show multiple images in data report based on the record

Hello All,
I want to display multiple records in my data report. with each record there is one picture, which i want to show with the record.
Please tell me how is it possible?
I can use the statement like:
Set perRating.Sections("section2").Controls.Item("image1").Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "\Image1.bmp")
But in case of multiple records, fetched from the database,  how this command will work??
Please Help me ,
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If you link the images in your table, you just display then in form or report.
laveshvermaAuthor Commented:
Hello Sir, I have stored the path of teh images , Not the image itself.Thn how to specify the images at run time.
Sir, there will the ID cards choosen by the user on the report Thn how to specify which image control has which image?
Try this:
Table has a field say: pict filled with path for image as C:\xyz\b.bmp
Put this field on form, say txtPict
Add an Image frame to the form, call it :Pict

Private Sub Form_Current()
    Me!pict.Picture = Me!txtPict.Text
End Sub

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