Inventroy transfer in Microsoft Dynamics GP

For the companies having multiple sites and transfering goods between sites frequently
and each site maintains seprate serail, how can we maintain in Dynamics GP.

In  Dynamics GP  inventroy cotrol setup it is not possible to make more than one serial (Like type id in SOP).

Can anyone suggest how can we handle this more efficiently.

As of now, we are not going for critical dexerity customizations.
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Steve EndowMicrosoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:

So to confirm, you are looking to allow each site to manage their own serial numbers, but you are concerned that two different sites may issue the same serial number?  i.e. Site A produces product "Widget" with serial 1234, and a month later, Site B may produce product "Widget" with serial 1234?

If I'm understanding you correctly, one simple workaround might be to add a site prefix your serial numbers.

So Site A always generates serial numbers like "A1234".  And Site B always uses serial numbers like "B1234".  

I think that would handle the issue in GP, however I don't know if that system would work in your business process where serial numbers are actually generated and applied to products.

Would that approach work for you?


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified Professional

Serial numbers are unique by the number and not the site. So when you transfer an item from one site to another, the serial number will be maintained the same. There is no way you can change the serial number itself when you transfer items. You can choose which item/serial to transfer but cannot change the name of the serial number just because it is being moved to a different site.

Is this what you are looking for. Like Steve mentioned, if you want to maintain different serial number/names when transferring, use the prefix for each of the serial numbers. But that may affect your business process because when you actually go looking for the serial number you will have to train your users to remove the prefix from the printouts when physically searching for the item.
backer-mAuthor Commented:
My question is not about "Item Serial numbers".

It is about "Item Transfer Entry Document Numbers"

(Transaction - Inventory - Transfer  Entry)

Each site has own inventory.

 In our exisiting system
For an example,

Site A, when transfering goods to other sites auto generated transfer document numbers are  "A/00001,  A/00002, A/0003....

Site B when transfering goods to other sites auto generated transfer document  numbers
 are "B/00001, B/00002, B/0003.


In GP SOP it is possible. Becuase in SOP we can maintain it by creating different type-ids. But transfer entry documents do not have "type-id"  

So my question is how to manage this kind of system.

Do you think keeping different document number series for each site is not needed?

Hi, I now understand what you mean.

First. It is not possible in GP to have different I/V transaction document id types - there is no method built in to do that.

Second. i am not sure why you prefer to keep separate numbers for I/V transactions - what good does it do your system. The items are common to the entire company although they are individual warehouses in it.

Third, although the transaction numbers are auto generated based on the I/V setup, users can still override the default document number and use their own. If you don't want to buld any customizations for this, then it is best to train your users in changing the default transaction number by adding a prefix. But the question again would be what good does it do to keep separate transaction prefix for each site.
To add to my previous comment. If you are looking to keeping track of the I/V transactions by the site, you could use the  IV Location Inquiry window that will provide all the transactions for a speciic site that you select. I hope that should help you with Id the site and their transactions.

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