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I am using a Windows mobile pda which has CWR CRM application from a third party that allows us to use MS Dynamics CRM on the mobile devices.

The issue is that this app on the pda doesn't support printing. We are searching for a way to print as soon as the invoice is submitted in the pda.

I will create an attribute in the mobile crm in the pda to let me know that the invoice is submitted from the pda so that the crm server knows where it comes from. Now the problem is that i need to configure the CRM to print the invoice automatically as soon as the invoice is submitted from the pda.

Where can I trigger this to happen? Do i need to write a script and trigger this on an attribute? what is the best and fastest way to do this on the crm server?

P.S the pda app by the third party doesnt support printing so the crm server will have to handle it on the new invoice event.

Thanks in advance.

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Feridun KadirConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
You can use a workflow that is triggered by a specific attribute to run automatically. However, there is no print action available for workflows. You can probably write a custom workflow plug-in to print the invoice but that is out of my scope.
cyprotechAuthor Commented:
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