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I'm a complete newbie when it comes to Citrix - so I wonder if someone can give me a 5 step pointer on what's the 'norm' for installing this..

I have a decent Dell server running Windows 2008 standard (24GB RAM and Quad core processors). I will only have about 10-15 staff on it.

Do I:
- leave Windows 2008 and install Xenserver on it and then run virtualised Windows 2003 under Xenserver to facilitate delivery controller wanting windows 2003?
- rebuild server with Windows 2003 and install Xendesktop on it (but do I then not waste all the RAM cause windows 2003 is 32 bit)?

What would you do? I don't need detailed instructions - just an overview of what to install where and whether native or virtualised?

Thanks guys!

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So XenServer is its own OS so it doesn't not run ontop of another OS.  You maybe better to install XenServer, and then create additional servers (32bit or 64bit).  Depending on the applications you are running I have typically found that 1CPU and 4GB of RAM gives you the most bang for your buck in a standard non-complicated XenApp environment.  This would allow you to create 6 VMs.  I don't think you need to make them all XenApp since you are only hosting 20 users.

You mentioned XenDesktop.  XenDesktop is designed for VDI, so you would be loading Windows XP and then giving Windows XP to your users.  The sweet spot I have found with that is 1 CPU and 1 GB of RAM.  With this configuration, and 1 virtualized DDC, you do have enough room to create 20 VMs plus 1 DDC.

So overall for a XenDesktop Environment you need
1 Windows 2003 DDC
20 VMs running Windows XP

For XenApp you need
4 VMs running Windows 2003 or 2008 with plenty of ram left over.

Let me know if you have any other questions, but with only 20 users.. You may not even need to run XenDesktop or XenApp and just leave it 2008 if your users are not complaining of anything.


Fantastic comment  AcceleraSolutions, we installed XenDesktop on bare metal, following Server 2003 in virtual mode, like you suggested and everything is working great...
I am now a little bit confused license wise and would appreciate your take on it...
For a time being we will have 5 people connecting from remote location onto XenDesktop opening windows XP in virtual mode, I believe to license those virtual Windows-XP machine we need to purchase VECD (please correct me if I am wrong) as they are all running windows 7 proffessional on their physical machines at their respective locations.
However, I am very perplexed as to what to do with the Office package...Initially I thought to enrol volume licensing program buying 5 licenses, but I am not sure whether that is the right way to do as all the users are running Office packages on their respective machines anyway and following the above logic maybe we can purchase something similar to VECD (but geared towards office packages) and naturally spend less money...
Your help is greatly appreciated...
Office is licensed on a concurrent user basis if I remember correctly. Therefore if you have a office license for your local computer, you also have it for citrix provided that you don't access them both at the same time.  The best option is for you to contact the Microsoft Licensing team and confirm all of your licensing needs before proceeding.  I would hate for you to be under your required licenses or over.

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