Resource not found exception


    Iam trying to create a sample spring mvc application and now iam facing an error because of below code

String text=VelocityEngineUtils.mergeTemplateIntoString(velocityEngine,"/WEB-INF/jsp/agentmail.vm",messageModel);

At this point of code i'am getting the error:
org.apache.velocity.exception.ResourceNotFoundException: Unable to find resource '/WEB-INF/jsp/agentmail.vm'

the vm is placed is correctly under WEB-INF/jsp folder. Could any one help me what's the correct path needs to be used to retrieve this file.

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you need to move the vm into your loader path which I assume is at WEB-INF/classes
> "/WEB-INF/jsp/agentmail.vm"

that path should be relative to Velocity's resource loader path
srujanmiryalaAuthor Commented:
So could you suggest me what's the path should i use
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