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alright i just need some information on n900 ..'bout its apps ,its hacks ..dual boot etc ...

>in particular i want an "answering machine app"..not a voice mail..etc...but like it was for s60v5 "BEST ANSWERING MACHINE " type

>your comments about the phone ...

>what the hell is it using meamo ..or Linux???...i have no idea of programming in linux .so just enlighten me

>what do they mean its open source..like how do i edit command line in phone...i could destroy its software???

>any site for its good apps not that official meamo one..

>>woo... can i dual boot...or triple....can i get i phone soft installed or android or old s60v5..in dual mode??

>>they say it has got endless capabilities....?i say capability ends here...

>to totally use this phone do u have to be a good programmer??

>anything else to know before i buy this phone??

>your own views...

>basically apps do u think its going to have so many good apps as s60v5??
i am concerned about apps

>>one thing ..can i use fm transmitter to transmit my voice ?? live telecast in the limited range..whatever???..comments..

yep if u have any other phone in mind then pls....like iphone etc
but basically lay interest on N900
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shreshthwadhwaAuthor Commented:
n one more thing ...check out this site ..tell me can i do anything with it??
The Nokia N900 runs Maemo 5.  Maemo is a customized version of Linux.  It is open source in that the API's and development tools for writing applications for it are free.

http://Maemo.org is about the best site around for Maemo apps.  There are nearly 300 apps for Maemo 5, about 500 for the previous version (OS2008).  I don't know about an answering machine though.  There are other sites too

>to totally use this phone do u have to be a good programmer??
You can program in a variety of languages including Python, Java, and C++.  There are lots of tutorials and stuff you can learn with, but yea, you pretty much have to be a programmer-type.

The biggest draw for the N900 is that is easy for people to program and share apps, unlike the iPhone.  The other option which is becoming wildly popular are android phones, there are lots of them and new ones coming out every day.

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