Virtual Memory Fragmentation Issue on an SBS server

Hello, we are running an SBS 2003 Server with SP1. Our NOC keeps alerting us that a "virtual memory fragmentation issue was detected." I believe the normal way to fix this issue is by implementing the /3gb switch and management registry key. but I wasn't sure if SBS was a little different. Please advise. Thank you.
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Microsoft advise to not add the switch on machines that are also the AD and/or PDC. As you know with SBS the server is everything in one and so I wouldn't set the switch before trying alternatives.

Have you tried running the EXBPA tool ?

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StarfishTechAuthor Commented:
No we have not ran the Best Practices tool yet. Would the answer possibly lie there?
StarfishTechAuthor Commented:
Also, can you give me an instance as to where microsoft advises against this? Thank you
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Why are you only on SP1? I suggest doing updates before further troubleshooting.

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I agree with Swaller, update fully before investigating further.

Here is the info from Microsoft

They talk about it in a few places, here's an excerpt:

Note You do not have to use the /3GB switch on Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computers. We do not recommend that you use the /3GB switch parameter in the Boot.ini file for Exchange Server computers that are also Active Directory domain controllers or global catalog servers.

EXBPA may help you diagnose any config issues such as HeapDeCommitFreeBlockThreshold...

Run the updates first, check whether your still getting the error. Then run EXBPA....


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This article may help:

There are exceptions but generally using /3GB on SBS 2003 is not recommended. It may solve your fragmentation problem but cause others.

Cris HannaSr IT Support EngineerCommented:
As has been pointed out by others,
a) if you are only at Service Pack you are way behind in patching
b) Use of /3gb with SBS 2003 is a bad thing.  See the SBS Official Blog on the subject.
c) I didn't see anywhere where you indicate how much RAM you have in the server AND how big your Pagefile is AND where it's located.
The best practice advisor addresses a whole number of areas where your server may be incorrectly configured and should be run and items found should be corrected.
Fragmented pagefile while not good and can certainly affect performance, may be the least of your issues depending on  what the best practice advisor finds
The size of RAM, the size of the pagefile, it's location, and fragmentation level will have some impact on performance and should be considered. But they have no relevance to your present problem. Your problem involves virtual address space and is not effected by these things.
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