Sharepoint Web Site Storage Limits

Hi All,

I am currently troubleshooting an alert one of my users continues to receive. The user is receiving the following email from a Sharepoint site:

You are receiving this e-mail message because you are an administrator of the following SharePoint Web site, which has exceeded the warning level for storage: "http://Sharepoint/sites/Sitename/". To see how much storage is being taken up by this site, go to the View site collection usage summary: http://Sharepoint/sites/Sitename/_layouts/Usage.aspx.

I understand why the user is receiving the message, and I understand what needs to be changed. So far, I have made a change to the Quota Template in Central Administration (Central Administration --> Application Management --> Quota Templates). Under "Storage Limit Values" I upped the storage limit, then upped the "Send Warning E-mail" as well. The issue is that the user is still receiving the emails, and they are no where close to the Warning limit. I figured a reboot would be necessary for this to take effect, but that did not resolve the issue.

Any ideas?
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If i read this information correctly, I believe you only changed the quota that applies to the future site collections that you will create based on that template.
You would need to change from Central Administratior->Application Management->Site Collection Quotas and Locks. Select the site collection with the message and update as appropriate the values under Site Quota Information.

Hope this helps,
Brent387Author Commented:

I just checked the quota under Site Collection Quotas and Locks, the it is set to the same limit that I changed under Quota Templates. It is also grayed out if that means anything to you.


Does the tool only change the "MySite" quota limit?
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In the same page, you should be able to choose in the "Current quota template" drop-down list "Individual Quota"; that will make the 2 fields available for edit.
Brent387Author Commented:
One thing that I noticed is that the database in which the template is stored is 90GB, which is what the limit is set to, however the usage reports are only showing 85GB. Could this be causing the alert to be sent?
if the tool gave you the same Qouta you did, this give me an indication that the quota is assigned correctly , try to remove the report or change th destination of the report and check again
dont forget the IISReset at the end
Brent387Author Commented:
I still do not quite understand what the tool does. Does it change quota limits, or just report on what the quota limit truely is? Honestly I do not particularly like the idea of running a 3rd party piece of software (with very little description) on a production sharepoint server.

If you navigate on the site collection in question to "Site Settings"->"Storage space allocation" you will still find the inital Storage quota. This will not change with the quota you set on the template. You should change the quota for the site collection by setting it to "Individual quota" and modifying there the numbers.
Hope this is helpful.
Brent387Author Commented:

Are you referring to changing the template under Central Admin --> Application management --> Quota Templates

Right now I have a template for the site which is giving me issues. I have it's Storage Limit size set to 110,000, with the Warning Email to be sent at 90,000. RIght now the site is just over 85,000(the email used to be sent at 85,000).
If you create a site collection with a quota template, even if you change the template later, it will not automatically apply to that site collection.
To change the values for the s.c., navigate to Central Administratrion->Application management->Site Collection Quotas and Locks. Select the site collection, change the template to "Individual Quota". It will show you the old values. Change here the numbers to correspond to the desired ones.

Hope this helps

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Brent387Author Commented:
I see what you are saying now, even though I changed it under Quota Templates, after checking the same template under Quotas and Locks, it was still the old alert number. Thank you for your help on this!
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