Sharepoint Custom List Workflow OnDelete

Greeting again experts.

I am working on a site which requires multiple lists to be compiled into one custom list.

The first list is created, with all the fields and parameters.

From that list, I made the Master List

I then added a workflow to the template to update the Master list, and it works, even when creating children.

The question is

How can I set up a workflow so that when I delete an item from the list, it is deleted from the master list?

List template

I created a workflow for the delete, but when I try to add it to the list, it asks me which task I want to assign it to.  It is not Task driven in any way.

How can I bypass this?

I am using Visual Studio 2008, Sharepoint 2007 and STSDev, which created the workflow.
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You can select a task list (assuming this is a custom working in C#  created in VS.Net) but do nothing with it in the code. Do not create a task in the workflow and it should be fine.
rg20Author Commented:
I havent implemented it, but it needs to be done from Visual Studio's workflows
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