Updated SSL for Citrix SAG on revoke list

Earlier this month, the Go-Daddy SSL certificate installing in the Citrix Access Gate expired.  It took two days to replace the expired certificate with an active go-daddy certificate.  The updated certificate was successfully added into the Secure Gateway, and then selected using the configuration wizard.  Now some of our users can connect, and then some users get a warning that the certificate is on the revoke list.  It appears to effect both Internet Explorer 7 and 8.   The procedures detailed in CTX120608 have failed to resolve this issue.    The expired certificate has been deleted from the certificate store.
We are using Citrix 4.5; alas I am not sure which version of the secure gateway is installed.  The secure gateway is installed on a Windows 2003 server not in the citrix farm.
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AcceleraSolutionsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Okay so this problem does happen on IE 7 and IE8 because they changed the way certificates are pulled and verified.  Have you revoked your certificate through GoDaddy at any point?  Normally this happens if you have two sites that are using the same certificate.  Someone will register the first Certificate, and install it.  Then to save money, they revoke that certificate and registrer it again to the new server.  This causes problems because the first certificate will now appear in users browsers as being revoked.  Give GoDaddy a call and i believe they can resolve the problem for you.  Are you using the certificate on more then 1 physical device?
epmmisAuthor Commented:
The certificate is used only on one server.  
We did find the solution.  All Go-daddy certificates were deleted from the security Gateway.  We requested and recieved a new certificate from Go-daddy.  Then on the clients cleared the SSL cache.  Now all is wonderful in Citrix land.

Thanks for your insite.
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