Importing GWT projects into Eclipse

I have a problem that could be very simple to solve or it could not be Im not sure as I find the google tutorials very hard to follow. I am trying to import the google sample provided by google into eclipse so that I can example and play around with them.

The first set of examples are for the GWT itself in the gwt-2.03 folder, there is a sub-folder "samples". Now how can I import them into eclipse so that the correct structure of the project is maintained.

The next example regards the use of a plugin for gwt, gwt-maps 1.04, open this and a sample project showing how to use GWT integrating with google maps is inside under a sample folder.

Now I am convinced there is an easy way to import these into eclipse so that you can maintain the project structure.

GWT Samples -

GWT with Google maps sample -
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bhessionAuthor Commented:
These are all excellent examples on how to get started with GWT using google maps, but what im specifically looking for is how to import the sample projects supplied with a) GWT itself and b) the google maps jar

They do not import like a normal project.
If the projects are not set up as full Eclipse projects, then you need to use File System import and choose to copy the files over to the structure of your existing project.

As for the jar, you can place it anywhere you want, such as a /lib folder, and then set the project properties to include an "external" jar.

HTH, Mark
bhessionAuthor Commented:
It turns out that this is an issue with this version of Google Maps with GWT, I have been told that there will be a correction in the newer version, which is due out soon I believe. Is there a way I can access a previous version?
bhessionAuthor Commented:
I wanted to close this question, didnt get the problem solved your help shed a lot of light on the situation and definitely deserved some points. Thanks for you help.
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