Managing users .PST files on Outlook 2007

I have a few users with .PST file around 3.7 -3.9 Gb in size.
What is the best course of action to take to save this mail yet make it accessible for user to still look at.
We are planning to have an exchange server in place in the next few months but for now I need to find an immediate solution.

One users .pst will not open up now it is 3.8GB any way to fix taht?
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This issue occurs when you are using ANSI PST files which does not support more than 2GB. If the file has exceeded then the file will not open. The best answer would be to get a 3rd party tool and recover the PST file or you can use 2 GB crop tool from Microsoft which will bring down the size, but it is on the cost of data loss. Here is the link for same.
Outlook 2007 can have PST files up to 20 GB.  I wouldn't recommend to have files this large but 4GB should be quite OK.  Try sing the inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe) to repair the files you can't open.  This is part of the outlook 2007 installation and should be located on your hard drive, try searching for scanpst.exe.
You could archive the files and they will be available in the archive folder you designate.
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HI, I had the same problem in the past, I just split the PST file in more files, so the users had more than one folder. You can talk wiht the users and pehaps you can make different PST files depending of the year of the mail, or the sender or whatever.

all of the above solutions will work ...
manelson05Author Commented:
scanpst.exe is not working for the damaged .pst.
manelson05Author Commented:
Errors have been detected in Outlooks.pst this is all I get when i try to open the .pst in my outlook.
Is there any way I can recover it?
manelson05Author Commented:
Thank you!

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