How to get userid directly after login in

I'm wonder how i can get the userid just after i validate. Is there another method i can use to login than  

 FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(userName, true);  

  if (Membership.ValidateUser(userName, password))

// i get a null object on the below as i haven't logged in yet
 Guid UserID = new Guid(Membership.GetUser(User.Identity.Name).ProviderUserKey.ToString());

// some other logic that requires UserId

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I assume you are using the Login server control? In the example below it is named "LoginControl."

protected void LoginControl_LoggingIn(object sender, LoginCancelEventArgs e)
    if (Membership.ValidateUser(LoginControl.UserName, password))
        Guid UserID = new Guid(Membership.GetUser(LoginControl.UserName).ProviderUserKey.ToString());

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Using a login screen on VB.NET, if the login is successful I pass it to a shared module variable on the resulting form, so I can use the current user logged in to display in a status strip.
Kumaraswamy RCommented:


protected void Logintest_LoggedIn(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        string MemberID;
        MemberID = Membership.GetUser(Logintest.UserName).ProviderUserKey.ToString();

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Frosty1, would you mind explaining why you accepted rkworlds' solution without a point split? Was there a problem with my solution? Is it that you prefer the LoggedIn event rather than the LoggingIn event which fires earlier?

I think your problem was that User.Identity.Name threw a null reference exception. Rkworlds and I solved that the same way.

We both retrieved the userID the same way. I kept your logic to create a new GUID as you didn't explain what you wanted to do with the userID once you got it.

Rkworlds has a fine solution and I know it is too late to split points, but for my future reference I would like to know how to make my solutions more relevant or explain them better, so I'm curious why his solution was preferred.

frosty1Author Commented:
Sorry wes, seemed to have missed that response.  you were spot on.  Apologies :)
No problem. Don't worry about it. Have a good day!
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