Remote Apps on Terminal Server 2008

Remote  .rdp file stopped working on client pc's.  the app resides on Teminal Services server 2008.  I get an error:  Access is Denied -  the initial program cannot be started
checked remote apps manager, seems OK. users are in RemoteDesktopGroup.
I am not all that familiar with Terminal services
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Here is an easy test for you, sign onto the server's desktop from that PC as an administrator.  Then, if that succeeds, go back to your .rdp file, copy the path to the executable exactly as it appears and past into Run; execute that and see if it errors.  You either have a bad path, no rights as the lower level user, Office has moved somehow, your remote app is not on the approved apps list...or something odd but this will test the basics.  

For the ping issue, can you ping the TS from the PC?  Are you on the same subnet or different subnets/vlans?  If different, make sure your default gateways are both correct on the PC and server.  
cbest846Author Commented:
I forgot to add the following with the above question.   Also, from the the client pc, there is another type of error on some:  the remote computer could not be found, please contact your helpdesk.  Now, from the client pc I can ping the Teminal Server by name and ip, However, from the Terminal server, when I try to ping the client pc, the name resolves to an ip but the requests time out.  the firewall is off on the client pc??? and the pc shows up in active directory.   This terminal server is not the DC, it standalone joined to domain with active directory.
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