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I have a new 4G USB Modem with Clear as my internet modem. It shows up as a wired connection instead of wireless connection in windows network management. I see no problem, the issue is I have ethernet port that I have connected to my XBox Ethernet Port. I can manage to get the two Network Connection to share, but the minute I do the 4G connection loses ability to talk to the internet outside the local internet.

Theres gotta be a way in Windows Vista to get my Ethernet to server as a Router to my 4G USB Modem. Anybody know how?
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you can only have one connection to a modem at a time, either the USB or the ethernet.  You will need a router to uplink your Modem to so that your PC and Xbox can connect at the same time.  $50 or less will get you a good router.
seanmccullyAuthor Commented:
Really, cause VIsta has this whole Internet Sharing Scheme. Where I say share this connection, and then it asks what Network Device is my Internet connection. Which then pairs the 2 together in private/public Network. Though once I do that is when my 4G Connection no longer seems to see Internet.
So let me get this straight, the PC is connected to the modem via the USB port.  Now, is the xbox connected to the PC through the ethernet port or through the modem through the ethernet port? If it is connected through the modem it will not work.  If it is connected through the PC you will need a crossover cable and I am still not sure if that will work.  According to these 2 sites you need 2 NICs on the same PC in order to use ICS:
Use Internet Connection Sharing
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is a built-in Vista feature that simulates a router. Like a hardware router, ICS distributes a single Internet connection to every computer on the networkbut unlike a router, it's free. You just fire it up on the one PC that's connected directly to your cable modem or DSL boxor, as networking geeks would say, the gateway or host PC.
But there's a downside: if the gateway PC is turned off or goes into Sleep mode, nobody else in the house can go online.

Also, the gateway PC requires two network connections: one that goes to the cable modem or DSL box, and another that connects it your network.

It might be two Ethernet cards, two WiFi cards, ormost commonly of all, especially for laptopsone Ethernet and one WiFi card. One connects to the Internet (for example, via a cable modem, DSL box, or WiFi), and the other goes to the hub or the router to distribute the signal to the other computers.

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seanmccullyAuthor Commented:
The first article worked like a charm. The only thing I think I was missing was enabling internet sharing on the 4G Network Adapter.

So the XBox is connected to Vista Box via CAT5 using both machine's LAN card.
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