How to make the Custom Address List the default OWA address list in Exchange 2010

We have a group of users who only use OWA. Let’s call them “OWA Users”. We have created a Custom Address List that only show’s these users.When these users go into OWA we’d like for them to only see the OWA Users custom address list. However, with a little research we’ve found that address list segregation in Exchange 2010 is not supported and does not work.

So, we’re hoping to be able to do one of the following two things:
1. Hide the other address lists in OWA. Using the set-owavirtualdirectory –globaladdresslistenabled $false parameter disables all address lists except for Contacts. Is there a way to display only one custom address list (and not the default address list) in OWA?
2. Reorder the address lists in OWA so that “OWA Users” appears at the top of the list of address lists.

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Outlook Web Access (OWA) allows any client with a compatible browser to access Exchange Server folders.

The "premium" version of OWA in Exchange 2003 looks and acts much like the Outlook 2003 desktop client, although it does not offer support for the Journal folder. The "basic" version looks more like previous versions. You may want to try both and see which is faster for the conditions your users are likely to encounter. Microsoft Exchange Server Introduction to Exchange Server 2003 has a good chart comparing the feature sets.

For Exchange 2000, you create applications using web forms. No conversion tool is available to turn Outlook forms into Exchange 2000 OWA forms. For resources and tools, see Microsoft Exchange Server Development Technologies. With Outlook 2002 and Exchange 2000, you can connect using OWA and Outlook 2002's support for HTTP mail servers (at least those that use WebDAV). The correct URL would be

There are issues using OWA on Vista because the dhtml text editor control used by OWA is not supported in Vista. The Exchange administrator should have installed the security patch for this on the Exchange server months ago, but many have not. The patch will fix this and a similar issue that affects Windows XP users who've installed the security patch described in MS06-013. The hotfix installs a new editor for Internet Explorer which uses an iframe instead of an ActiveX control.

If you are an end-user, contact your administrator. If you are an administrator, see the following links for more information and the hotfix.  

You receive an error message when you try to perform any editing tasks, or you must click to enable the compose frame in Outlook Web Access

MS06-013: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer (July 2006) 

OWA Problems on Vista (Exchange Messaging Outlook Jan 4 2007)

OWA 5.5 specific content is now at  Outlook Web Access 5.5

OWA 2000 specific content is now at Outlook Web Access 2000
Berkson WeinTech FreelancerCommented:
Currently, that's not supported in 2010.
 Here's the basics of how to do it in 2007:
However, Dave Goldman, the exchange guru, has some news on his blog about ex2010.
He started with some positive news:
but then put the whitepaper on hold: due to a problem.  That was about a month ago.
We're dying for a solution here too.
LWSDTECHAuthor Commented:
Hello Weinberk,
Thanks for the response.  There has to be a solution somewhere to handle this.  We can't be the only people suffering from this.  I'm going to ask our MS account rep if he's got a solution for us.  He's an extremely customer-oriented guy.  If he comes back with nothing, there really is nothing.

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Berkson WeinTech FreelancerCommented:
Dave Goldman is an exchange genious.  If he's saying no (or not yet), It's not looking good.
There's also this, which references his post.
LWSDTECHAuthor Commented:
Agreed.  I can see that they're starting to get some heat on it.  If a solution is coming, I can wait.  If its a year away, I can't.  

Berkson WeinTech FreelancerCommented:
"Agreed.  I can see that they're starting to get some heat on it.  If a solution is coming, I can wait.  If its a year away, I can't.  "
I hear you loud and clear on that.  It's the month of silence on that blog that's making me nervous.

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LWSDTECHAuthor Commented:

I really can't award points since there is no solution - not even from Microsoft (see comments above).  But I'll close it out now.  Thanks.

LWSDTECHAuthor Commented:
There's really no solution for this.  This is not Weinberk's fault - he has done as much research as anybody.  I feel that he should be awarded the points for at least clarifying the situation.

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