Internet Explorer 8, Chrome other issues

I have a P.C. that is acting strangely. When you double click on IE, it does not start. When you click on Chrome, it does start but will not connect to the Internet. (Page not found error) I tried to look at the extended system services, but it will not show, When I click on the tab for standard services it does show me all of them. System restore is running according to that, but when I click on System restore it claims it is NOT ABLE TO PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER, PLEASE RESTART YOUR SYSTEM. I have done this but with no success.

When the system boots, it looks okay, but when you try to enter into a user, it pauses for a good long time. I have booted into Safe mode and when I log into the ADMIN account, the TASK BAR does not show up. When I get the task manager up, to Shutdown the system it does not respond. I have scanned the HD for Virus's on another machine in the house and there were none detected. (AVG FREE run) I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the network adapters on the system. I did get a Hijack this log which I will attach here. I have tried to install and run Malwarebytes but I get an error 372 when running.

Need to move forward with it.
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I would try and run Malwarebytes Anti Malware on the system.  It sounds like some sort of infection but its hard to say.  Do you see anythign in Event Viewer that points to anything strange or driver issues?  Have you recently installed any new Operating System patches or other programs?
swaffAuthor Commented:
Oops.. here is the Hijackthis log file....
swaffAuthor Commented:
Cannot get Malwarebytes to run. I see nothing in the HIJACK log to indicate problems. No, there have been no new items installed, to the best of my knowedge. All devices are present and working according to the hardware manager!
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Are you running XP and using McAfee? If so, then chances are you got nailed with that bad definitions update. To fix it, go to and follow the instructions.

If the above doesn't apply to you:

Download a portable version of super anti spyware:

Use it to scan your system for malware.

After confirming that the computer is clean, take a look at what programs are starting up with your computer. Open up the run command and type in msconfig. Click on the services tab and disable anything that isn't needed on startup. If you're not sure about something, leave it alone and ask here.

You might also want to see what processes are using the most system resources. Use Process Explorer

Finally, you can paste the HiJack This log on and get instantaneous analysis.

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swaffAuthor Commented:
sirocco87 - I do have XP and McAfee, and went tot he page you suggested. I downloaded the program onto a 1 GB stick and put it onto the other machine. Tried to copy it to the desktop and cannot Paste. Tried to run it from the stick with no luck either. I have tried to install superantispyware as well but get an error.. the windows installer service cannot be accessed.

I opened up MSCONFIG and disabled all startup tools, then in services I ticked off the box for HIDE ALL MS services and disabled all there, then I rebooted. Tried to install Superantispyware and still no luck, also, I still cannot paste anything to the desktop!

Analysis of the hijack this on the site came back as clean. The only process that is noted was the iexplore on drive f: That is there because of another issue on another P.C. i had to rename hijackthis.exe to iexplore to get it to run.

I am running out of ideas here!
Burn the fix to a CD and try running it from there. If that doesn't work, try disabling McAfee and manually restoring svchost.exe i.e. go to another computer running XP (same SP) and copying the file from there back onto your computer.

Alternatively, you could boot from a knoppix disc and put the file from the website onto your Hard Drive (you're going to have to make the drive writable). Reboot into windows and run it from there.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
This sounds a lot like the McAfee update problem.  They have a solution page which describes some of your symptoms:

Does that work any better than sirocco87's link?
swaffAuthor Commented:

I went to your page tzucker. I followed the instructions there but ran into difficulty copying the SVCHOST file from where they said it was. A quick scan of another P.C. in the house showed me that there was a copy on the p.c but in the ServicePackFiles directory not the dllcache directory as they had specified. I was able to copy from there. System rebooted and all is successful.

I must say I am disappointed with McAfee for this. I believe this is the second time they have done something for this. As you both provided the answer, I will give you both marks for effort.

thanks a bunch!
swaffAuthor Commented:
Problem with Accuracy on McAfee site.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
Glad this worked out for you.  I dislike McAfee and feel a little vindicated when I see this type of things.  If you have to go with a major vendor Symantec Endpoint Protection is better although still a resource hog.  Try the free Microsoft Security Essentials or ESET NOD32 combined with an anti-malware solution like malwarebytes pro.
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