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I am inquiring to all, trying to determine what is the best backup solution on the market.  I currently have SQL,Filemaker Advanced Server,Sharepoint, Exchange, Win 2K3, Win 2K8 servers on my network.  With currently 2 Vmware ESXi hosts, the free version.

All of our backups will be going to disk for a set amount of time, no tapes will be involved.

I have looked into Acronis Advanced backup and recovery, and Backup Exec 2010.  Just wanted to get a little feedback and any other suggestions anyone might have.

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Nenad RajsicCommented:
I would recommend you go with Symantec's Backup Exec because their latest version includes de-duplication so you will save a lot of time and space with your backup jobs. Restoring files with BE is also very easy and you can even restore individual emails rather than restoring a full mailbox. Backup Exec also offers remote agents and agents for Exchange, VMware, SQL etc (everything you need)
Try this

Why don't you just use the ntbackup which is built into windows 2003? Just start it from a cmd prompt. It's quite good enough and you can script it. You can see it's options by entering ntbackup /?.

Shadowprotect is the better option than acronis. It is faster, and it includes a universal restore, that allows you to restore the backup to dissimilar hardware. You can setup incremental and differential backups, and you can make snapshots in 5 minute intervals if needed.
I personally recomend Acronis, most OS systems support, fast, easy and not that expensive

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