Send Emails to friends through facebook connect ?


Is it possible to send emails to your friends through facebook connect ?
I am building a site with social capabilities. I was wondering if users can send emails to their friends through facebook connect if their friends haven't signed up on the site.


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SwafnilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As far as I can see, this is a multistep operation, so the task needs to be split up into several steps:

1.) User has to add his Facebook account information (please provide a privacy policy if you are about to store the user data permanently)
2.) In case user decides to send mails to his friends, your Facebook connect handler needs to connect to the Facebook site and fetch the friends information to build a list of available contacts (namespace for this is "")
3.) After the user picks his friends from the list, your handler needs to authenticate again and sends the data through the Facebook Web Service but as far as I know you will only be able to send internal Facebook messages and comments, which will then be forwarded through Facebook to the connected eMail accounts.

I would suggest to write a custom Facebook service class to handle all your Facebook interactions centrally, have a look at the Facebook documentation for all your options and how to load data from and send data to Facebook:

If you need help, let me know!
ucsdmbdmAuthor Commented:
I think facebook doesn't give friends emails :(
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