Specific Crystal Report Hangs on New Windows 7 Workstation

I have a situation where a specific Crystal report running on a specific computer will hang when connected to either of two network connections available at the user's desk.  We recently replaced this user's XP/SP3 pc with a much faster W7 Pro 32 machine.

The report in question ran fine on her old XP machine, although it is one of the slower reports we have. After setting up her new W7 workstation, she was no longer able to run this one particular report.  All other Crystal reports run fine on her W7 machine, just not the one in question. She has both a 100mb and a GB network connection at her desk. W7 reports both connections as operational, and they both will run all other Crystal reports.

If I move the W7 machine to other desks (still logged in as her or as me), the report will sometimes come back, and sometimes not. If I move the W7 machine to my desk (still logged in as her or as me), the report runs every time, often in less than one minute (average for this report has always been 3 - 5 minutes). All 5 other users of this report can run it with no problem (they are all on XP/SP3).

This is the first and only Windows 7 workstation we have.  If I hook the user's old workstation up, she can continue to run the report just as she always did.

All our Crystal reports are run out of the Sage AccPac ERP 200 v5.5 accounting software.  This is a custom report that resides in a directory on our database server.  Other custom  reports running within Sage from the same directory work fine on her machine. In addition, other users continue to run the problematic report on their XP machines.

Specs on the W7 box are as follows:
-Windows 7 32 Bit Pro
-Dual Core E5300 @ 2.6Ghz
-4GB Ram
-User is an administrator on the pc

DSN Settings
-System DSN "xyz"32 using the SQL Native Client driver*.
-The system dsn connects to the SQLServer 2005 using SQLServer authentication with the SA credentials.
-The dsn uses ANSI quoted identifiers
-The dsn uses ANSI nulls, paddings, and warnings.
-The dsn is set to perform translation for character data.
* Of note: W7 required the Native Client driver to work, the XP machines work with the SQL Server driver. Normally, the Sage Workstation setup creates the DSN, but we had to create it manually in W7 using the Native driver.

Installed software on the W7 machine:
-Crystal 2008 SP2 v12.2.0.290
-.NET FW 1.1
-MSXML 4.0 SP2
-MS Office 2003

Specs on our SQL Server:
- Windows Server 2003 SE, SP2
- IBM Xseries 226 3Ghz Xeon w/4GB Ram connected to GB switch.
- SQL Server 2005
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BowTechAuthor Commented:
Got this to work. Seems that not only do you need to have the latest version of Crystal on W7, but also open any report that isn't running correctly on W7 so Crystal can make any necessary changes to it. There were several prompts to update various items when I opened the report in question. I saved it as a different version number and it ran fine.
This sounds odd. The fact that her old PC worked fine would suggest you can rule out the network connection(s) at her desk but i'm not convinced.

Can you try doing a ping -t from her W7 pc and also try copying a 1gb file over the network to insure the connection is steady and no packet loss.

Does the report contain images ?
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Crystal has some issues with Windows 7

You have the SP loaded that resolves the issues.

Do the other reports use the same connection method?

BowTechAuthor Commented:
First, thank you all for helping. This is driving me crazy!  This is my first ticket, so I hope I am responding correctly.

tickett - I will take the machine upstairs and do as you suggest.

Senad - no, the report does not contain images.

mlmcc - Yes, other reports are using the same ODBC (RDO) connection to the same database. The reports use an administrative login id. W7 did require the use of the native sql driver on the dsn.
BowTechAuthor Commented:
tickett - I ran ping -t for 30 minutes and had 0% packet loss. Avg was <1ms; max: 2ms. I then placed a 1.3gb outlook pst file in the same directory on the server as the reports. I copied that pst to the W7 workstation in just under 2 minutes. I then copied the file back to the server directory in just under 2 minutes.
Interesting that you had to open the reports, not sure I would have considered that.

I personally do not like Crystal reports.It has been buggy ever since it came out.
I have seen report tools 100 times smaller in size than CR and which work better.
This app. has been bloated to kingdom come...
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