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I have an application that has many different forms (over 30 different forms) that users can fill out depending on their request. All that stuff is housed inside a database, a backend user is able to view a request queue chose a ticket and open it. The way i open the ticket is just use the same exact page/form but just populate the fields with the info from the database so that they can edit it if needed.

Anyways my question is how can i create a print button for each form in the easiest way? I know i can use crystal report to create pdf or excel files, but then i need to design that for each form as they are different and we dont have time for that. Is there anyway to simplify that process so that i can reuse it for all forms by just changing little things maybe?

Any help will be appreciated.
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As SriVaddadi said, if you have a main form, add it there. Specifically if you have an MDIParent form. As for the Crystal reports, I a lot of times will have one report that reads from a dataset. Then depending on what report is needed, i will filter the data into the dataset and then the report will read from that dataset. I usually have a report parameter that will allow me to change the name of the report. Here's the example code to load the report.
public void loadReport(string sql, string reportName)
      SqlDataAdapter sqlDA = new SqlDataAdapter(sql, sqlConnection);
      someDataSet ds = new someDataSet();
      Report1 report = new Report1();
      report.SetDataSource(ds.Tables[ds.Tables.Count - 1]);
      crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = report;
      operationsReport.SetParameterValue("Report Name", reportName);

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Do you have a master page?  If you have a master page Just add the print button to the master page and every page has it.

If you don't have one. You can add one.

Check the below link

urir10Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies
I do have a master page, the thing i dont want to do is write and design the crystal report page for each form. I wanted to know if there was a way to print the html in a simple way so that i can reuse that code for each page.
I personally believe that the following is the best tutorial for the SSRS.

so please go to this and follow it
it will guide you to your goal
urir10Author Commented:
Thanks i will use your suggestions and will post again if i have questions
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