Windows XP workstation migrate to windows 7

How do we do the Windows XP workstation migrate to windows 7 for 1800 Windows XP workstations needs to migrate to windows7 via GPO

Please tell me the steps how do we migrate via GPO for 1800 XP workstation to windows 7 in a netwrok
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You need to be sure the workstations will all run Windows 7.  If they are old enough to be XP machines, that may not be the case. And then remember, that as you migrate to Windows 7, it has to do a fresh install on the workstation (you cannot upgrade from XP to Windows 7). ... Thinkpads_User
dharnetAuthor Commented:
we can migrate from XP to windows 7. How do we do in a network which 300 XP machines migrate at one time to windows 7. if we can use GPO what are the steps please advise the steps or any link
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am not saying that you can't do a network install. But you do have to format the hard drive. There is no in place upgrade according to Microsoft.  ... Thinkpads_user
dharnetAuthor Commented:
how do we the network install for 300 XP machines in a network, as i would like to do a migrate not the upgrade.
if we migrate from XP to windows 7 applicatons of XP remains same data from XP to windows 7 needs to migrate.

Please advise with some link or info how to do the network install at one time to 300 XP clients migrate from XP to windows 7
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have an XP Pro Desktop running happily away with scores of applications including Office 2003. I have a Thinkpad laptop that came with Vista Business. I put a new hard drive in it and moved to Windows 7 Pro. Almost none of the XP applications will run on Windows 7. I had to purchase upgrades for everything including Office.

So in terms of your question above, any kind of Windows 7 install (at the workstation or over the network) will wipe out ALL the data and programs on the machine. Microsoft has been most clear about this. Your network install then, is going to have to reinstall all your applications.

Having myself moved from XP Pro through Vista Business into Windows 7 Pro, this is not a cake walk.
... Thinkpads_User
Dear  dharnet,
Thinkpads is right!

You cant migrate from XP to 7, the only process is to use the wipe and load migration and that in terms means clean the installation of XP and install a fresh copy of 7. But there are two was to migrate the data that you have by ;
1- Using USMT or
2- Windows easy transfer

Secondly, regarding the deploment of more 100+ system you can use to have following options;
1- Install Windows Deployment Server (WDS) of Win2003/2008 and install the clients (You can have the documentation from the microsoft site). You can have PXE enabled on clients or use the boot media from WDS.
2- You can use Microsoft Deployment Tool (MDT) that comes handy with Windows AIK tool from microsoft site.
3- And last but not least you always have the option to install from the network share drive. In that case you need to boot the client from WinPE to get started.

All the documentations are available from microsoft site under deployment section or check the Technet for videos.

If  I miss anything guys just contribute, hope that solves the issue. Just comeup with more query if you need more assistance.

Thanks & Regards.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thank you, and I was pleased to assist. ... Thinkpads_User
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