Java applet don't work on MAC 10.4 or greater

If I go to this webpage on 3 different MAC's the applets never finish loading. The wheel just keeps spining. Java's website tells me that Apple has there own version and to run the updater. I have ran the updater and it doesn't have any new Java updates. So I assume I'm up to date.
Is this something on my end or do I need to speak to the web developer?
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Works fine on my Mac running 10.6.3.

There are a bunch of different Java updates for Mac here, depending on which OS you are using:

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GoHuskersAuthor Commented:
I went to the site you recommended and chose the newest release which is release 9 for 10.4  and it still does finish loading. The arrow just keeps goin round and round. Are certain older versions required sometimes or do we automatically for with the newest version?
What browser are you using? I am using Firefox.
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GoHuskersAuthor Commented:
safari is what I have been references
Firefox says applet loaded  but nothing comes up in ther area where the graph would be.
Open the Firefox preferences and go to the content tab and make sure the box is ticked to run Java Script

In the Safari prefs, under Security, enable Java and Javascript
GoHuskersAuthor Commented:
Will check on monday
Have a good weekend
GoHuskersAuthor Commented:
checked preferences on both and java is enabled
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