Import SQL is not working - VSTS 2008 Database Edition

The Import SQL wizard is not working when i tried to import a script into my database project.
1) When i tried importing the script that has CREATE worked fine and the stored proc was added to the database project

2) But when the same Stored Proc was modified to use ALTER while changing the procedure, it is not working.

I have attached the error message.
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cimscimsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
'Import Script' only allow certain statements in the database project, mostly only create statements.  There is a good explanation on this page, toward the bottom, under the heading 'Issues and Limitations'.
Reza RadConsultant, TrainerCommented:
could you explain more...?
what do you mean by : use alter while changing the procedure....

explain how did you set the import in details
cimscimsAuthor Commented:
In the point 1, i have created a stored procedure using management studio with the keyword CREATE and save it as a sql script. In the Database project, right click and click on the Import Script and the wizard imported the newly created stored procedure into the Database project

In the point 2, I have opened the above sql script and modified the script. In the process, i have replaced the keyword CREATE by ALTER and saved the sql script. I tried to import the modifications into my database project and the wizard is showing the message that is in the attached text file in my original message.

I hope this explanation helps. Thanks
cimscimsAuthor Commented:
Any ideas? Urgent Please.
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