NTDLL.DLL Hard error after PING Image program stopped

Computer was using PING when the user pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL and stopped it in the middle. Now when trying to boot it goes through post and then has missing Hal.dll, if i try to boot to a Windows XP Pro CD then it give me

Stop: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error
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I don't think (sure) PING will cause this problem. It's probably a coincedence and looks like a hardware failure :(

If the following works, then hardware is OK:

* Try booting with a similar machine's hard disk (temprarily replace disk)
* If there is no such a machine, download a Linux distro (such as ubuntu) and boot with that (use Live CD version, do NOT install)

If the hardware is OK, try replacing your CD and/or CDROM Drive (*AND cable*)
How far in the boot process of the CD do you get error 221? Usually that error shows up on installed OS's and not from the install CD, unless it tries to access something on the HD. With this error on an installed system there is normally nothing else to do than to completely reinstall the OS.
Are you given the option to select how you want to open windows? Can you select "Last Known Good Configuration"?

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When you say booting from the Windows CD are you trying to get to the recovery console? If no then I suggest that you boot into the recovery console so that you can replace the HAL.dll and/or NTDLL.dll

To do this boot to the recovery console: If you don't know how see here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314058

How to replace HAL.dll in Recovery console. Run the following command:
expand [cd Drive]:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32\hal.dll

How to replace NTDLL.dll in Recovery console. Run the following command:
expand [cd Drive]:\i386\ntdll.dl_ c:\windows\system32\ntdll.dll

if you can now boot the machine as soon as you log on I suggest you run the following from the command line:


This will verify that your system files are intact.

parkertechAuthor Commented:
when trying to boot with a Windows XP professional CD the hard error occurred before it got to the choice of Recovery console or Repair, It booted fine to UBCD4WIN cd, and to ubuntu live cd, I believe that because of the way PING mounts the drive to copy it and it being stopped with ctrl+alt+Del like it was it ruined the OS, i am going to fully reinstall but when trying to boot the XP CD to reinstall it blue screens with the 221 error just as it did before, i am going to try and delete the partition with UBCD and then fully reload
Test your hardware before the re-install (Check the RAM with memtest86+ and the HD using the HD manufacturer's diagnostic utility).

You'll find these tools on the UBCD (not the same as the UBCD4WIN which you have also tried, although memtest86+ is on that too, I think).

If you are booting from a XP Install CD and you are getting the stop error I'd say you need to make sure the CD isn't scratched or damaged or the CD rom you are using may not be working properly. I cannot think of any reason why running PING and pressing CTL ALT DEL during that process would make HAL.dll become "non-existent" unless the user was experiencing some other problem which prompted him to press CTL ALT DEL because of a system freeze or something else.

I do agree with rindi that you should investigate the hardware and memory. I would take that a step further and physically re-seat any PCI devices (Video, NIC,) and IDE and or SATA device cables.

When you are booting from CD it loads to RAM and only uses basic hardware (Video, Keyboard, Mouse) to perform the tasks the CD is equipped to perform. With that in mind I would check the CD for damage and maybe even try booting with a different CD if possible.

Re-installing may be your only option in the long run but definitely investigate the simple stuff first be for you take those drastic measures.

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parkertechAuthor Commented:
I ended up Booting to UBCD4WIN, deleting the partition, when trying to boot to the Windows XP SP3 CD it hard errored on 2 different SP3 cds, i used a SP2 cd and it was able to be reloaded, Something in the SP3 CD was trying to access the hdd and caused that error, but it is now resolved with a wipe and reload
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