Getting "This field is not known" Error in Crystal

Hi -

We are trying to upgrade some of our Crystal reports to work with the latest version of Sage Accpac ERP.  We have custom invoices that work fine in the previous version, but now getting the "This field is not known" error.  We get this error when running from inside of Accpac, but it works fine in the designer.  A verify database comes back with "Up to Date".  

I've tried deleting fields and functions to see if there is an old parameter or field lingering but have not found anything.  As a final resort, I created a blank report with only a text field in it and tried to run it and received the same error.

Other custom reports work fine.  The standard invoices that come with the system work fine as well.  Can something else cause this error?  Is there any type of debugging log I can use?

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swabeuiAuthor Commented:
I ended up using one of the standard reports that come with Accpac and redesigned it to match our custom report.  Since I have an (undesirable) workaround - this can be closed.
Do you have any idea what version of Crystal the new system uses?

What version are you using?

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