Juniper SSG5 Webfiltering and Logmein Problem

We have a Juniper SSG5 which has webfiltering enabled on outbound traffic.  The profile is setup to block certain default categories along with permitting and blocking a couple of custom categories.  One of the cutom categories which we have permitted is to allow access to logmein web site.  The client uses logmein to manage their users remotely.  Everything was working fine up until about 3 months ago (based on what the client tells me).  They can still connect to the logmein web site but when they click a link to connect to a computer the page just times out after a couple minutes.  I have tried the following with no success:

1.  I created a new web profile and specifically added every single category and permitted them all and set the white list to include my custom category permitting logmein and set the black list to none specified.  no success.
2.  I tried just about every variation of the url in my custom category with no success.
3.  I tried leaving the web filtering enable but with no policy specified and no success.

The only way we are able to connect is to completely disable the web filtering on the outbound traffic.  The problem with this is we are not able to enforce our company policy on web browsing now so this is not really acceptable.  

anyone have any thoughts on this issue or seen this issue themselves?  Any assistance would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
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DennisDavisAuthor Commented:
after doing some further investigation it appears the issue has to do with https.  When we remove the web filtering from the https traffice everything works fine.  I found an article from Juniper indicating there is an issue with custom filters and SSL.  So for now we have just disabled the web filtering on ssl traffic.  I will contact juniper support to see if there is another workaround.

To your comment above though we have the same problem if that is the only outbound policy enabled so it doesn't have to do with the order.

Thanks for you comments.
What is the order of the services, say you already have restrictive service ID 5; and create new service with ID 10.
For the service with ID 10 to take effect, the service should be higher up the order than service with ID 5.

Please check and update.

Thank you.
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