Coldfusion Calendar?

I'm developing an appointment form where I want the User to select the date from the cfcalendar function.

Where can I get a sample code of how to implement this?
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<cfinput name="myDate" type="datefield" />

Must be in a <cfform>.

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<cfcalendar> is for flash forms...use the above for non flash
But if you are, this is the general format: <cfcalendar name="startDate" selecteddate="#Form.startDate#" >
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Do you want a calendar or datefield? A calendar is expanded and a datefield displays in a popup window. Here's an example of both

<!--- force calendars to display the current month/year --->
<cfset initialDate = now()>
      This is a calendar (expanded)<br>
    <cfcalendar name="myCalendar"
        width="200" height="150">
      This is a date field (popup)
      <cfinput type="datefield" name="myDateField" value="#initialDate#">
erikTsomikSystem Architect, CF programmer Commented:
you must use <cfform

And as previously stated the syntax will be <cfinput type="datefield" also the tag with the variety of flavors.
I personally like Jquery calendar . More info about <cfinput can be obtain on the Adobe site
> <cfcalendar> is for flash forms...use the above for non flash

   No. Only for really old versions.  It's supported for html forms in CF8+
Hmm, I have CF8, and I used it in it for a while - in HTML forms, but some things didn't work like I expected...I wish I could remember what...I just chalked it up to not being a flash form. Then again, it may have been right before I upgraded - but the calendar did work in it!
Nope, it works fine.  Most people just get confused because it's a flash _control_, in an html form. So you need to use actionscript for certain things.  Maybe that's what you're thinking of.  There are issues with datefield's too. So Erik's suggestion of jquery is good option too.

@sandshakimi - So which one are you looking for ... expanded calendar or popup datefield?

Here's a nice example of a jQuery calendar.  It's flashier than either the cfcalendar or datefield. But it's not built in. (demo)
sandshakimiAuthor Commented:
Just needed a popup date field. Thank you all. Learned a lot.
You're welcome ;-)
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