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PHP - how to write PHP code for SMS text messaging?

Hello, Mr. Experts

Could you please exlain about :
how to write PHP code for SMS text messaging (for mobile phone) I now have to face a tough question regarding "SMS text messaging" in job interview in a few days.
I have no idea how to write code or no clue how to integrate PHP to mobile SMS text messaging.

My possible employer had viewed my submitted sample PHP codes (PHP5 OOP for web applications and User interface Experience). They said that they like my codes
but they also told me that I must have at least basic or moderate level of knowledge
in PHP for SMS text messaging in order to pass the oncoming interview next month.

Please help. You all are my hero. All kind of advices are welcome.
Sorry for bothering you again.

I got a long long way to go to become a PHP expert....
I am still learning slow....

Thank you

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2 Solutions
The SMS provider (internal system or external partner) will have an API available for you to call.  Most likely you will just need to call a URL with some parameters.
Personally I use Clickatell, You can find documentation on how to use PHP to send SMS' through their SMS gateway here:


Their service will depend on if they can cover the networks your customers are on. They should be able to though as they haven't failed me yet.

If you are talking about sending SMS' through gateways such as Kannel, that's a whole bigger kettle of fish, but if you were then the company would have someone currently involved that can tame that beast. Been there, done that, modifying it for American standards ain't fun. Just an FYI.
Oh I read the question wrong sorry. If they want you to have knowledge for SMS via PHP that's a problem. There are many ways to skin a cat. As shown above you can send SMS' through a 3rd party gateway, which is standard calls via a web interface. If they have their own SMS gateway like Kannel, it comes down to how they want you to communicate to Kannel either via socket communication, or via a web interface as well.

To be honest, there's no right or wrong way, it all comes down to what interface they want you to connect to.
kingrolandAuthor Commented:
To Mr.Expert. Thank you for your comment and advice.
I have learnt new things about SMS.
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