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Hi, I have a Tosiba laptop A305-S6872, and it doesn't boot because it's asking for a BOOT MANAGER PASSWORD, of course I have tried several passwords, but I can't still make it BOOT
Is there any way to reset the password or skip this password requirement. I also have tried F2 to go to SETUP, but I need to enter that BOOT MANAGER PASSWORD
So my computer is worthless right now :(
the only options I see are:
F2 - Setup (It wont allow me to go there)
F12 - Boot Manager (that is the password I forgot)
Thanx for ur help
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If you can't get into the BIOS because a password is required, then you are not looking for the "Boot Manager Password", but rather the BIOS Password. Boot managers are required to boot to different OS's that are installed, and they are very rarely password protected. If you only have the original OS the PC came with installed, and you didn't add an additional OS like linux yourself after that, then it is very unlikely you have a password protected boot-manager installed.

BIOS passwords are highly secure on modern laptops, they are stored inside security chips and can't be reset by normal means. Older laptops had backdoor passwords you could use, and some toshiba models used a special serial dongle that could be used to reset the password.

But your laptop is a newer model and you will have to get in touch with toshiba or the vendor to get the password reset. You will have to provide them with "proof of ownership" (usually the invoice or receipt will do), and then they will help you reset the password. Sometimes they will have to replace the mainboard for that, sometimes they can calculate a password from the serial number, but it probably won't be a free service. The modern laptops have been secured like that to make them uninteresting for thieves, as laptops easily get stolen because they are taken everywhere.
If you cannot find the reset pins try to find the CMOS 3V battery, it is usually located under the keyboard, and disconnect it. remove the computer battery and then start the computer. When you boot it should ask you for the time and date. At this point shut down and plug the CMOS battery back in and reinstall the computer battery. This time when it ask for the time and date go ahead and enter it and the rest of the bios should be set to default.
Comments: Mar 10, 2010- Hi,
One thing I forgot to mention before was to make sure you have all the power disconneted (cmos batt, computer batt. and power supply) and then hold the power button in for 20-30 seconds.
As far as the location of the jumper it should be under the keyboard usually toward the top of the motherboard and is marked cmosrst, rst or something close to that. It might also be a rocker type switch but it should still be marked. Mar 10, 2010- Here is a link to the Toshiba Website to the latest bios update. Sometimes when you flash to the latest bios it will reset you password to no password. This bios was released in January 2010. 
crescueAuthor Commented:
nope I already took the laptop apart, and still I can't find something (button or similar to reset the cmos)
there is a battery under the keyboard, but it is attached to the mb, and there is no reset swith around it :(
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Boot Manager usually reside in MBR of the drive and updating MBR of the drive removes it at all.
Is there any name of the Boot Manager? How does it look? Can you take picture of it with a cam and load here?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
rindi is correct.  The days when a BIOS password could be defeated by removing the BIOS backup battery are past.  As he says, you need to contact the manufacturer, prove that you own the laptop, and pay them for a password override.

If you no longer have the paperwork to prove that you own the laptop, there are companies that claim to be able to replace password chips with a new one without password. They can be found by searching Google.   It will be expensive.  This is a gray area by Experts Exchange standards, so don't expect much further comment about it.
crescueAuthor Commented:
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