VS C# 2008 Formats

I have been trying serveral formats and I have two issues I cannot resolve.
One is on the text fields Part Number, Part Description and Vendor ID. If you look at the right side of the fields it puts 3 periods. Is there anyway, besides making the columns overly wide to prevent this? Secondly, the column for QTY I am trying to get to display with zero decimal places. The field in SQL is defined as decimal(19,5). Is there any way with just a format parameter to have it display with no decial places? This fields are sitting on a datagridview control.
dgvOrderDetail.ReadOnly = true;
            dgvOrderDetail.RowHeadersVisible = false;
            dgvOrderDetail.DataSource = GPDataSet.Tables["OrderDetail"].DefaultView;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[0].Width = 110;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[0].HeaderText = "Part Number";

            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[1].Width = 200;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[1].HeaderText = "Part Description";

            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[2].Width = 60;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[2].DefaultCellStyle.Alignment = DataGridViewContentAlignment.MiddleRight;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[3].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "{0:0.#}"; 
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[2].HeaderText = "QTY";

            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[3].Width = 60;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[3].DefaultCellStyle.Alignment = DataGridViewContentAlignment.MiddleRight;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[3].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "c";
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[3].HeaderText = "Unit Price";

            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[4].Width = 60;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[4].DefaultCellStyle.Alignment = DataGridViewContentAlignment.MiddleRight;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[4].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "c";
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[4].HeaderText = "Extended Price";

            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[5].Width = 70;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[5].HeaderText = "PO Number";

            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[6].Width = 60;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[6].HeaderText = "Vendor ID";

            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[7].Width = 60;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[7].DefaultCellStyle.Alignment = DataGridViewContentAlignment.MiddleRight;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[7].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "c";
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[7].HeaderText = "Unit Cost";

            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[8].Width = 60;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[8].DefaultCellStyle.Alignment = DataGridViewContentAlignment.MiddleRight;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[8].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "c";
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[8].HeaderText = "Extended Cost";

            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[9].Width = 60;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[9].DefaultCellStyle.Alignment = DataGridViewContentAlignment.MiddleRight;
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[9].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "p2";
            dgvOrderDetail.Columns[9].HeaderText = "Profit Margin";

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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
In line 12 of your post, you are setting the format string for the cell, but you are setting it on column 3, not 2. Also, to change it to rounding, use the format string "{0:0}".
// Change line 12 from

dgvOrderDetail.Columns[3].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "{0:0.#}"; 

// To

dgvOrderDetail.Columns[2].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "{0:0}"; 

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dgvOrderDetail.Columns[3].DefaultCellStyle.Format = "{G0}";
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