SSRS Drillthrough Report Parameter Selection Header Disappears

In my main report and my sub-report I have 3 multi-value drop downs.  I Would like it when I drill-through my main report that the drill-through report drop downs still show.  Currently they "hide" until I click the arrows to show them.  I would like the report to automatically "show" the drop downs, if this is even possible.  Thanks Experts!
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Megan BrooksSQL Server ConsultantCommented:
You would like to control the initial visibility of the parameter area of the report viewer control?
If you drill through using "Go to URL" rather than "Go to report" then you may be able to include the URL Access query parameter &rc:Parameters=true in the drillthrough report URL to cause the parameter area to show.
You might also be able to do it by handling the ReportViewer DrillThrough event and setting rv.ShowParameterPrompts = true. I haven't actually tried it, though. I think that Go to URL with the URL Access parameter would be preferred.
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