Error opening attached documents in Outlook 2010

Having a strange problem on one computer with Office 2010 installed.  An error message is displayed in Word after trying to open the attached Word document in Outlook.  If I save the document to the hard drive it opens fine.  It just won't open straight from the e-mail in Outlook.  It is very annoying.  I think it is some kind of security setting in Outlook or Word that is new for 2010.

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Are your Windows updates up-to-date? In the past with Office 2003, this same error occurred until MS issued a fix. Check first for updates at or

Is the file name extremely long (more than 255 chars)? Are the names of any of the folders above it similarly long?

Does this happen with all Word attachments or just the one?
cjtsAuthor Commented:
Ran Microsoft Update and no critical updates exist.  Then I did a custom scan and looked at optional updates and none of them looked relevant.  Definitely not any Microsoft Office updates appearing.

The file name is maybe 3 words long.  as far as folders above it's using whatever default temp directory it uses when you open attachments in e-mails.  If I save the file to the hard drive and open it from the folder then it opens fine.

I can open word documents from the usual places (desktop, my documents, etc) just fine.

This happens with all Word attachments and even with Rich Text File attachments (.rtf files).
Outlook 2010 is still in Beta Phase and has not been released for Public. The beta version had some issues which has been fixed with RTM version. The RTM version will be released on 16 May 2010 . I think your issue might get resolved. Do not use the leaked Torrent ones as these do not match the codes
Report this problem to Microsoft, as Outlook 2010 is in beta phase. This problem can be due to some internal faults in Outlook 2010.
cjtsAuthor Commented:
I reported the problem to Microsoft but never heard back.  I eventually solved the problem myself.  I knew the problem was that the default temporary location for attachments was inside the Temporary Internet Files folder.  This is an untrusted folder to Outlook 2010 and there is no way to change that - it won't let you make it a trusted folder.  So I simply created a folder somewhere else - C:\OLK.  Then I added that folder to the trusted locations in Trust Center in Outlook 2010.  I changed the registry setting for Outlook's temp folder to C:\OLK.  Now attachments open perfectly.  I know this is probably not considered the "safest" thing to do in accordance with Microsoft's new stricter security settings in Office 2010 but it was more important that the client actually be able to open their attachments.  Besides, as long as you have good anti-virus/anti-malware protection and keep it up to date you should be fine.

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