Restrict access to custom drives in GPO

I can customize the "hide these drives in my computer" template in the gpo admin templates, but is there a way to customize "restrict access to these drives in my computer"?  which seems to be more effective in third party applications.
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Mike KlineCommented:
You would have to modify the adm file similar to what is done for hide these drives

I've done it for hiding drives but haven't tested for preventing drives.

alexsupertrampAuthor Commented:
hi mike.    yes...i have done it with "hide" too by using these instructions, but i didn't see an obvious place in the adm file to customize "restrict".    i'll look again.
In the system.adm you can both hide and restrict access.

I tested this tool to create a new template a couple of weeks ago and it worked great.


alexsupertrampAuthor Commented:
i found and successfully tested the custom policy in the adm file that restricts drive access.   it is in the section that starts with "POLICY !!NoViewOnDrive",

i'll try out the tool the next time i need to make a change.  thanks.
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