Should I use CFQUERYPARAM in a cfinvokeargument value?

Need some advice. Please see code below.

Is it secure?

Should I use CFQUERYPARAM in a cfinvokeargument value? Is it possible or advisable to do so?

I am working to make my applications more secure. Thanks for any advice.

A form process page that updates web address links in a database table.

<!--- Edit or update? --->
<cfif IsDefined("FORM.LinkID")>
 <cfset method="update">
 <cfset method="add">

<!--- Proceed --->
<cfinvoke component="/client/updateLink"
 <!--- LinkID only if update method --->
  <cfif IsDefined("FORM.LinkID")>
  <cfinvokeargument name="LinkID"
 <cfinvokeargument name="Title"
 <cfinvokeargument name="WebAddress"
 <cfinvokeargument name="Description"
 <cfinvokeargument name="DateAdded"

<!--- When done go back to link list --->
<cflocation url="/admin/manageLink.cfm">

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Eric BourlandAsked:
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I'm not sure what you mean.  You mean add cfqueryparam as part of the cfinvokeargument statement? No. You can't. cfqueryparam  is only allowed inside cfquery tags.  

If you mean use it inside the function called by cfinvoke, then yes. You should do that.

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Eric BourlandAuthor Commented:
>>>cfqueryparam  is only allowed inside cfquery tags.  

I was 90% sure of this.

 <cfinvokeargument name="Title"
                   value=<cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="#ARGUMENTS.Title#" maxlength="60">

... is not valid. Got it. That was my question. =)

I do use CFQUERYPARAM with all INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries -- within a CFC or a plain old ColdFusion page.

Thank you as always, _agx_.

Always a pleasure :)
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